End-to-end services for Whole-school Approach
Aligned with UNESCO’s Whole-school approach, we visualize schools as playgrounds that equip young students with the right tools to breed ideas, develop skills and practice them in equal measure.
Learning through interactive and experiential methods.
Our approach to drive Education for Sustainable Development involves a balanced approach of interactive classroom learning and nature-based learning. We bring in a curriculum that is a contextualized version of the enriching World’s Largest Lesson material from the UN.
First-of-its-kind approach for 21st century skills
Our homegrown Junior Green Compass is designed with the student at the center. Each student progresses on the Junior Green Compass as he/she takes green actions in his real world – at school, home or outdoors.
Clear reflection of individual impact on global goals
We have mapped every individual action taken by each student to the global Sustainable Development Goals. A constant and real-time view of the contributions to global goals is made available to each student.
If you are looking for support with your school's climate care ambitions or you have any questions, we're here to help.
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