Building a climate-resilient business is a progression
Our first-of-its-kind Climate Care Maturity Model provides a progression journey that balances years of recognized global climate science research and practicalities of the business environment.
Differentiated approach focusing on Ideation and Intrapreneurship
We leverage Design Thinking to engage your employees in an iterative ideation exercise, evolving innovative homegrown solutions for your specific climate goals.
Aligning consistently with globally recognized approaches
Our advisory services leverage methods and standards that have a proven global recognition. This ensures that your efforts towards building a resilient business receives recognition and acknowledgement worldwide.
Data-driven Program Management, Impact Measurement and Reporting
AMPACTcorp, our cloud-hosted technology platform, ensures that data is at the heart of the engagement to ensure you have the right insights to make well-informed decisions.
If you are looking for support with your organisation’s climate care ambitions or you have any questions, get in touch with us.
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