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Enhancing your Teachers'
skills and awareness
Teachers should be well-positioned to impart 21st century skills

Imparting education is impossible, without having the teachers equipped and ready. On a novel subject like Sustainability, we cannot expect teachers to walk in thoroughly prepared. At the same time, there is a need for teachers to remould their teaching methods and techniques in a manner that addresses the quest of the new-age student.

We equip them to deliver these through Sustainability education

Our approach considers the upskilling of teachers throughout the program through educative, participative, explorative and communicative techniques. We invite them to partner with us during the sustainability education program. In the process, we create avenues for them to explore appropriate methods to deliver Life and Learning skills.

We have created the right blend of tools and techniques to prepare the teachers for the skilling needs of tomorrow. We ensure that the teachers enhance their sustainability quotient, while upskilling them for NEP-readiness.
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