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Carbon Neutral
Tomorrow's future is being shaped at school campuses

All built environments have significant carbon footprint, and school campuses are no exception. Considering the significant amount of learning time that students spend in these premises, the design of the campus and the infrastructure hosted in it are significant factors in shaping individual behaviours. Conscious attempts have to made by school authorities to cut down on the campus carbon footprint.

We've envisioned them as playgrounds for sustainability

Every portion of the school campus holds the potential to invigorate your students' interest towards sustainability. While the school can progress towards Carbon Neutrality across the campus through a host of initiatives, we believe that such a campus helps students practice sustainable actions, without the need to force it down their throats. In fact, Sustainable habits becomes second nature in such a campus.

We have built a highly structured approach path for schools aiming to be carbon neutral trendsetters. Our phased approach is strongly based on Climate Science, while keeping it human-centric. Explore this distinct blend.
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